Apple may design camera sensors using in-house teams

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iPhone 15 Pro Max cameras

Apple may continue its trend of designing more of its components in-house by coming up with its own camera sensors, it is rumored, giving it more control over how the iPhone takes and processes photographs.

Over the years, Apple has gradually brought the design work of its many components to within the company, using its own internal ideas instead of relying on third-party component suppliers. Now, it seems that cameras could be the next component to be targeted by the iPhone maker.

In Sunday’s “Power On” newsletter for Bloomberg, Mark Gurman writes that Apple is looking towards creating an “in-house strategy” for designing camera sensors. Photography is a major selling point for iPhones, reasons Gurman, thanks to initiatives such as Shot on iPhone.

Bringing a design process in-house gives Apple opportunities to not only improve how a component functions, but also to better plan future developments and to deeply integrate the hardware with its software.

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