Apple rolls out Apple Music, Apple TV, and Apple Devices apps

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Apple rolls out Apple Music, Apple TV, and Apple Devices apps for Windows 10 users

Apple’s iTunes doesn’t have much time left on Windows, as Apple has rolled out a new trio of apps to replace the venerable music player.

The Apple Devices app will allow users to manually update, back up, restore, and manage their iPhone or iPad. It will also allow them to manually sync content from their PC, the same way that the Finder does now in macOS.

“After you download the Apple Music app, Apple TV app, and Apple Devices app, you won’t see any of your music or video content in iTunes,” the support page reads. “And you can’t use iTunes to manually sync and manage your iPhone or iPad. You can use iTunes to access only your podcasts and audiobooks.”

Apple does, however, caution users to keep their iTunes library. The Apple Music and Apple TV applications still need to access it.

If a user doesn’t have Windows 10 or later, or if their computer can’t run the aforementioned apps for some reason, they should still be able to use iTunes for now.

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