Apple Vision Pro owners can’t buy AppleCare through headset

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Without AppleCare, Apple Vision Pro repair costs can be up to $2,399

Unlike with a Mac or iPhone, it appears that it’s not possible to choose to buy AppleCare coverage for an Apple Vision Pro on device.

In the list of things we are only learning about Apple Vision Pro now that it is in users’ hands, there is the situation with AppleCare. As spotted by AppleInsider writer Wes Hilliard after picking up his Apple Vision Pro at Apple Downtown Nashville, AppleCare is handled differently for this device.

There is no AppleCare prompt in Settings, and there is no option to buy it through any part of the Apple Vision Pro device. We’ve also tried to do it online with an AppleCare representative, and were told to do it in-store.

Instead, while Apple has not confirmed this, it appears that a user who wants AppleCare has two options:

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