Best HP Cyber Monday deals still available in 2022: PC, laptop, monitor sales

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HP’s PCs and laptops have gotten many of us through high school, college, and beyond. It’s a brand that’s endured over the decades in an industry where surviving even a few years is an accomplishment. So, it’s understandable people would seek it out when it comes time to look for a quality PC, monitor, or accessory. 

To help this task be as easy and inexpensive for you as possible, we’ve gathered a list of the best Cyber Monday deals you can still take advantage of right now on HP products. 

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Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly laptop for yourself, or an inexpensive printer for the techie in your life, read on to see how you can save some serious cash via remaining Cyber Monday 2022 deals.

Best Cyber Monday HP deals

Below are the best HP deals still available to you. Further down the page, you’ll see other interesting HP deals we spotted at Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart.

  • Current price: $1,599
  • Original price: $1,700

HP’s Victus line of gaming laptops blend minimalistic style and surprisingly slim dimensions with internal components powerful enough to let you play almost anything on moderate settings or better. This offer includes a massive 64GB of RAM and an 11th gen Intel Core-i7 CPU on top of its Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060, meaning this will be great for creative work too.

  • Current price: $59
  • Original price: $69

If you need a cheap, compact printer for the occasional document, ticket, or even family photo, this model barely costs more than a single replacement cartridge will usually run you. It’s even an all-in-one, meaning it can handle scanning and copying too. With six months of HP’s Instant Ink service, it’s darn near free. 

  • Current price: $299
  • Original price: $599

HP’s Reverb G2 headset might not have the same level of recognition as the Meta Quest line or Valve Index, but it can do almost everything those models can, and even some things they can’t, thanks to its Windows Mixed Reality compatibility. Its built-in audio also closely matches setups that usually require after-market modifications. 

  • Current price: $1,700
  • Original price: $1,900

HP’s Envy desktop is the most powerful gaming system on this list yet. It offers a 12th-gen Core i9 processor, 16GB of RAM, a 1TB SSD, and an RTX 3070 GPU. While you’ll probably want to replace the included keyboard and mouse before you get down to any serious gaming, the desktop alone is well worth this price and more. 

  • Current price: $50
  • Original price: $70

It might not be quite as flashy as the other devices on this list, nor is it going to help you game or do your homework, but it could save you a massive headache by helping you preserve your documents and photos against water and air damage.

Amazon Cyber Monday HP deals

Here are some other HP Cyber Monday deals still happening right now at Amazon:

Walmart Cyber Monday HP deals

Here is an HP Cyber Monday deals still available right now at Walmart:

Best Buy Cyber Monday HP deals

Here are some other HP Cyber Monday still going on right now at Best Buy:

We scanned through the best offers from the top online retailers that carry HP’s laptops, printers, monitors, and other devices, putting together all of the largest discounts, most useful items, and overall best deals for you. 

This year’s Black Friday was on Nov. 25, but deals continue through the Thanksgiving holiday in the US to Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday followed Black Friday on Nov. 28. However, many deals still continue to be available now and through the remainder of the 2022 holiday shopping season.

ZDNET experts split out the latest and greatest deals for you below.

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