How to turn off app ratings on iPhone

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iPhone owners can turn off in-app rating requests

Developers often seek ratings to enhance their apps, but it’s annoying when a review request pops up immediately. Here’s how to disable in-app rating requests.

Understanding how to manage these requests enhances the user experience and allows for more control over how and when to provide valuable feedback to app developers. The intention is to make leaving a review easier, but it can sometimes lead to overuse by some apps, leading to user frustration.

For example, some apps will deliver the rating pop-up shortly after the user downloads the app. That isn’t beneficial for either the developer or the user, as the user hasn’t had enough time to adequately experience the app and provide a genuine review.

It’s important to note that while turning off these requests can enhance your app experience by reducing interruptions, it also means you won’t see prompts that could remind you to support apps you genuinely enjoy. Ratings and reviews are a crucial part of the app ecosystem, helping other users make informed decisions and aiding developers in improving their apps.

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