iPhone 16 Pro won’t have triangular camera bump


Supposed iPhone 16 Pro camera bump changes [X/MajinBuOfficial]

A rumor claiming that Apple is changing the iPhone 16 Pro camera bump from a square to a triangle makes no sense, and has no back-up from any other rumor source.

The bump on the back of the iPhone has been square for quite a few years, with its thickness providing enough space to squeeze in the complex camera systems. While Apple could always change the design of the bump to something completely different, some X posts offer possibilities that are highly unlikely to happen.

Serial leaker “Majin Bu” offered similar posts to X on February 17 and February 24, with each depicting an iPhone with a completely different camera bump. While the signature square was still present, an extra triangular element adds a secondary bump tier, and holds the camera lenses.

In a follow-up tweet, the leaker’s anonymous source adds that the triangle section is “literally just the safe area for producers. It’s representative of where they can’t cover.” There has been a similar “safe area” in iPhone design information provided to a very few case manufacturers for the last decade.

The second post offered pretty much the same sort of rumor, albeit with an appearance that was more of a rounded triangle than a “fidget spinner,” the leaker adds. The module’s shape is claimed could allow more cameras to be added in the future.

Within the same tweet and in a follow-up, the leaker adds that they have “no way of verifying whether this information is 100% accurate or true,” and that the images are “for demonstration purposes.”

As a leaker, Majin Bu is prominent but not incredibly accurate with their claims. Taking into account the source’s admission of it being associated with a safe area designation for accessory producers, the leaker themselves has given enough information to disprove the claim.


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