Leica SOFORT 2 combines digital and analog tech

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Want a premium instant camera? Go for the Leica SOFORT 2. This hybrid instant camera combines the digital and analog worlds. Check it out:


Elegant Look: The lines of the SOFORT 2 are clean and minimal, keeping with Leica’s iconic style.

User-Friendly Design: Then, the SOFORT 2 boasts an easy-to-use design. The menu structure and button layout match those of other Leica cameras.

Print Photos: What’s more, this camera gives you a physical copy of a digital moment. Just pull the manual printing level. You’ll have a printed photo in seconds.

3 Color Options: Moreover, you can get the camera in a color you love. Choose from black, red, and white versions.

Stylish Accessories: Additionally, this fun camera supports a range of beautiful accessories. There are wrist straps, bags, carrying straps, wooden frames, and more.

Filmstyles & Lenstyles: Add photography effects with the 10 Filmstyles and 10 Lenstyles.


Capture life’s moments with this Leica instant camera.

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