Logitech G Yeti Orb Gaming Mic has a cardioid pickup pattern

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Level up your streaming game when you have the Logitech G Yeti Orb condenser RGB gaming mic. This gaming microphone has a condenser capsule that’s optimized for streaming. Check it out:


LIGHTSYNC RGB: Make games more immersive with the LIGHTSYNC technology. It allows custom light effects.

Condenser Mic Capsule: The condenser mic capsule has a cardioid pickup pattern. It ensures the ideal sound for game streaming and optimizes your voice.

Blue VO!CE Presets: What’s more, this software protects against clipping and adds fun effects for your audience.

Plug & Play: Meanwhile, setting up the Yeti Orb couldn’t be easier. Plug in the USB cable. That’s it!

Sleek Design: Even better, this streaming mic’s sleek, camera-ready look brings style to your stream.


Upgrade your streaming in a significant way with this cool gaming microphone!

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