Shure SM7Db vocal microphone has a built-in preamp

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Elevate your voice during streams, songs, and podcasts with the Shure SM7Db vocal microphone. Thanks to a built-in preamp, you can expect superb vocals from any recording setup. Check it out.


Built-in Preamp: The Shure-designed preamp offers enough power to work with any XLR interface. In fact, it delivers up to +28 dB of gain.

Excellent Sound: What’s more, this mic features rear rejection and a cardioid pick-up pattern that isolates your voice from background noise.

Boost/No Boost: Select the boost that fits your content. There are +18 dB or +28 dB on this XLR dynamic microphone. Or you can bypass the preamp altogether.

Classic Sound: Meanwhile, engineers have worked to make this mic sound the same as the original SM7B.

Detailed Audio: Additionally, you get the same level of detail whether you use the preamp,


Get great vocals, no matter your setup, with this premium mic.

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