The D2 Mach 1 Pro smartwatch by Garmin has a built-in flashlight

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Wear flying tools on your wrist with the Garmin D2 Mach 1 Pro. This aviator smartwatch has a built-in flashlight, AMOLED display, and much more.


Built-in Flashlight: Get bright light when you need it with the D2 Mach 1 Pro’s flashlight. It offers red light or variable intensity white light.
Extra-Large Display: The vivid 1.4″ AMOLED display delivers super-high resolution. The watch face has a UTC readout and airport weather.
Direct-to Navigation: What’s more, you can navigate without your phone to the nearest airport—or any location—with this feature.
Moving Map: Then, the Moving Map allows you to pan across the globe using your fingertip. Tap on waypoints for additional information.
Weather Reports: Impressively, this pro-level aviator smartwatch lets you access aviation weather. You can see METARs, MOS, TAFs, and more.
Pulse OX Sensor: See your oxygen levels at higher altitudes.


Stay prepared and healthy in flight with the D2 Mach 1 Pro.

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