The Granary Camera dual food tray has a 24/7 pet camera

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Check out the Petlibro Granary Camera Dual Food Tray. It enhances your pet’s meal experience.


Constant Pet Surveillance: Equipped with a built-in 1080p HD camera and infrared night vision, this feeder allows round-the-clock monitoring of your pet’s diet.

Real-Time Viewing and Alerts: Receive instant notifications through motion and sound sensors. You can easily adjust sensitivity and detection range for convenient surveillance, even on the go.

Focused Pet View: Experience a clear 145° view of your pet while ensuring privacy with the downward-facing camera design.

Tailored Feeding Schedules: Personalize feeding times using the app to cater to your pet’s nutritional requirements, ensuring a healthier diet.

Alerts for Vital Needs: Stay updated on low food levels, potential food blockages, or low battery power with prompt notifications through the app.


Stay informed about your pet’s eating habits using this smart feeder.

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