The SongBook speaker series has built-in pre amps

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Add new depth to old classics with the Tivoli Audio SongBook speaker series. It comes in 2 versions: SongBook and SongBook MAX. Both offer retro charm and powerful amps. See their standout features:


Timeless Design: Both versions offer a beautiful retro design with lines and colors inspired by the 1970s. They even provide an analog experience with the toggle switches, tuning knobs, and EQ sliders.

Powerful Sound: What’s more, both models feature a powerful amp design with multi-driver configuration. These result in a superior sound that fills any room.

SongBook MAX: Designed for big sound, the MAX boasts a 4″ subwoofer, a 4″ midrange driver, and a .75″ Tweeter.

SongBook: A portable powerhouse, this music gadget also has a 3.5″ full-range driver and a 3.5″ woofer.

Other Features: Meanwhile, the series boasts Bluetooth, AUX input, and radio.


Bring modern functionality to classic design with the Tivoli Audio SongBook series.

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