The SteelSeries Alias Pro is an all-in-one sound studio

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Elevate your streaming with the SteelSeries Alias Pro studio-quality AI microphone. It boasts an XLR stream mixer and a huge capsule. They make your voice sound richer and more powerful. Check it out.


XLR Stream Mixer: The included XLR amplifier connects to your PC via USB. It gives you customizable RGB lighting and sound controls.

Bigger Capsule: Moreover, with the large capsule, your voice sounds big and rich. It was built for gaming.

SONAR Tech: What’s more, the SONAR feature allows you to go live in just 3 easy steps. Also, it supports optional dual PC streaming for content creators.

AI Noise Canceling: Ensure no background noise interrupts your stream or recording thanks to the AI noise-canceling features.


Stop settling for generic mics and get one that’s actually for gaming when you go for the Alias Pro.

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