These outdoor smart glasses stay put on your head


Optimize your adventures with the RAX next-gen outdoor smart glasses. They combine UV+ protection sunglasses with advanced open-ear speakers.


Music and Shades Combined: RAX sunglasses bring sound directly to your ears while providing UV+ protection. They also fit inside your helmet, so they won’t fall off.

Intuitive Touch Controls: Touch volume control and song selection allow you to easily manage your music without reaching for your phone.

Long-lasting Battery Life: RAX glasses boast 8 hours of battery life. Plus, with quick 30-minute charging, you’ll always be ready for an adventure.

Sleek and Stylish Design: Featuring a frameless design for a full field of view, RAX glasses offer style and functionality.

Enhanced Safety: These sport smart glasses eliminate blind spots with their frameless design. The open-ear speakers also keep you aware of your surroundings.


RAX glasses are the ideal companion for any outdoor adventure!


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