This AI sound pod helps you relax and recover

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Enter the realm of the TERSA SAVA, a multisensory sound pod that can elevate your consciousness. It blends body vibrations with immersive music.


A vibroacoustic sound system: With 10 powerful bass transducers strategically placed under your body and 4 surround sound speakers around your head, this sound pod creates an otherworldly experience. Feel the bass reverberate through your body!

A cocoon of comfort: Embrace the cradle-like design of the SAVA Sound Pod. Its exterior shell and curved wings offer a comforting space ideal for healing and ergonomic support.

Emotionally intelligent audio: Supported by AI, the sound pod curates music frequencies that uplift the mood and foster emotional well-being.

Harmony in frequencies: Immerse yourself in science-backed frequencies like Solfeggio Frequencies and Binaural Beats.

Mobile app empowerment: Customize your experience based on on your mood and goals using the app.


Take a multidimensional approach to your health and improve sleep with this holistic device.

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