This floor washing robot self cleans in real time


Meet the eufy S1 Pro! This floor washing robot vacuum keeps your floors clean and germ free.


Elevate Your Living Space: The eufy S1 Pro isn’t just a vacuum—it blends design and cutting-edge technology.

Advanced Floor Washing Technology: The S1 Pro’s innovative floor washing technology removes dirty water from the roller mop in real-time, replacing it with fresh water.

Efficient Cleaning Paths: Equipped with the 3D MatrixEye Depth Perception System, the S1 Pro instantly reacts to obstacles and plans cleaning routes around them.

Visible Cleanliness Under UV Light: Experience cleanliness that’s visible under UV light with the eufy S1 Pro. Its advanced floor washing technology removes dirt and grime.

Enhanced Safety Features: Unlike robots with external LiDAR units that risk colliding with furniture, the S1 Pro’s advanced depth perception system keeps cleaning safe and efficient.


Get squeaky-clean floors at home effortlessly with the eufy S1 Pro.


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