This home basketball system lets you play like a pro in your living room


Dreaming of playing basketball at home? It’s now a reality with the BRAVE SUN Home Basketball System 1.0. This innovative system emulates the excitement of professional basketball into the comfort of your living space.


Convenient design: The tripod design incorporates removable weight plates for easy setup and mobility. And the customizable blow-molded plastic backboard and retractable tripod legs offer convenient storage.
Adjustable rim height: Choose anywhere from 4.57 to 6.85 feet for varying skill levels. Plus, optimized foam ball and rim dimensions provide a challenging yet rewarding experience.
Stable build: Sturdy aluminum poles and glass-filled nylon components ensure strength and stability.


This nostalgic journey and commitment to innovation lets you shoot hoops without the mess. Embrace the joy of home basketball with this extraordinary system.


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