This monitor light bar combines eye-caring technology & minimalist design

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Designed to cater to the evolving lighting needs of modern workspaces, the BenQ ScreenBar monitor light bar provides great illumination for e-reading.


Optimal lighting for eReading: Its balanced illuminance eliminates screen reflections and is certified flicker-free and free of blue-light hazards.
Real-time auto dimming: Its ambient light sensors detect and supplement the ambient light, maintaining a recommended illumination level of 500 lux.
Space-saving design: Featuring a patented clamp mechanism, the ScreenBar easily attaches to the top of your monitor.
Ultra-wide illuminance: The unique oval lighting design illuminates a wide area in front of the screen. So documents are clearly visible.
Asymmetrical optical design: The inner reflective panel’s precise curvature eliminates screen reflections and glare. This enhances light efficiency and overall desk brightness.


Overall, more than a monitor light, this sophisticated lighting solution will enhance your workspace.

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