This portable power station gives you access to emergency electricity

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Redefine the way you access electricity with the Goal Zero Yeti PRO 4000 portable power station. It offers an ideal power solution for adventurers, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone who values reliable, off-grid power.


Impressive capacity: The Yeti Pro 4000 offers a massive 3960 Wh capacity. So you can run various devices and appliances, from laptops and smartphones to refrigerators and power tools, for extended periods.
Solar-ready: With solar charging inputs, this power station lets you harness energy from the sun.
Versatile output options: With multiple AC, DC, and USB outlets, power and charge a wide range of devices simultaneously.
Durable build: The Yeti Pro 4000 can withstand rugged conditions, featuring a sturdy metal frame, reinforced corners, and an informative LCD display.


Overall, its durability and versatility make it an excellent choice for those who value independence and self-sufficiency.

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