This PS5 wall mount creates a free-floating look for your PlayStation 5

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Lift your PS5 off the floor and mount it to the wall with the HIDEit Mounts Sony PS5 Mount. This innovative gaming gadget helps tidy your gaming console.


Turn your PS5 into wall art: Give your PS5 a designated spot on the wall with this thoughtful home accessory. It fits both the PS5 Disc and Digital versions.

Heavy-duty steel design: What’s more, your PS5 stays securely mounted thanks to the powder-coated heavy-duty steel material.

Easy installation process: Meanwhile, this PS5 mount installs in just 4 easy steps.

Won’t block vents: Also, this PlayStation 5 mount doesn’t block any vents, yet it keeps your console flush with the wall.

PS5 bundles: Mount all your PS5 gadgets to the wall with the brand’s bundles. They include controller and headphone mounts as well as an LED light strip.


Level up your space and your PS5 gaming with this wall mount for PS5.

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