This smart bike training gadget turns your bicycle into a fitness machine

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Transform your bicycle into an indoor fitness machine when you have the Zwift Hub One smart bike training gadget. It’s easy to set up and provides a realistic feel. See its exceptional features.


Realistic ride: You’ll feel like you’re riding on a road thanks to the Zwift Hub One’s automatic adjustment. In fact, you’ll feel every incline and road gradient.

Easy setup: What’s more, this bicycle gadget is easy to set up for any bike with an 8- to 12-speed cassette. Simply connect your frame to the hub.

Virtual gears: Moreover, the virtual gears ensure a smooth, quiet ride. Then, the Zwift Click gadget brings virtual shifting to your handlebars.

Train at home: The set comes with everything you need to train at home. This includes personalized training plans, virtual rides, and the ability to ride with friends.


Level up your indoor bike training with this smart bike training gadget!

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