This outdoor lighting solution by Goal Zero illuminates up to 300 feet

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Keep your adventures going, even after dark, with the Goal Zero Skylight outdoor lighting solution. It illuminates backyard parties, campsites, tailgates, and more. Discover it:


Light up the Dark: With the Skylight, you can keep outdoor get-togethers going. It provides a warmer light than most and provides 6,000 Lumens of brightness.

Customizable Settings: What’s more, the Goal Zero Skylight offers 4 brightness settings.

Wide Lighting Radius: Meanwhile, this outdoor lamp shines light within a 300-foot radius. The 6 LED petals move up and down, letting you extend their reach.

Telescoping Height: Interestingly, the Skylight raises from 4–12 feet.

Portable and Durable: Additionally, this camping gadget has an IPX4 water-resistant rating. With its protective case, it’s easy to move.

Use with Yeti: Plug this camping lamp into a Yeti power bank for the best performance. However, it also has a short-term battery.


Light up outdoor activities, job sites, and more with this Goal Zero lamp!

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